Foster FAQ

What Does Fostering a pet entail?

Fostering means to provide a temporary home for a pet. It's very important because in many instances it allows you to save the life of  a precious animal. Shelters get overcrowded often and while we are a "No Kill Shelter" we rescue all the dogs and cats we can from local kill facilities.

Are there other types of foster situations?

There are a number of ways being a foster can help

  • ​Sometimes a pet needs a break from the shelter and needs a family environment. This can be especially true when they are awaiting transport to their new family in another area. This gives them a chance to acclimate back to being in a home before they meet their new family.
  • Sometimes we need someone to house the pet until we can find space in the shelter.
  • Some pets don't do well in a shelter. Especially if they've been in a loving home and bonded to someone. Often the owner has died or some other unfortunate circumstance occurs.
  • There are many situations too numerous to mention here where you help can make a huge difference

What are my responsibilities as a foster?

  • Basically that of a good pet owner with a few distinct benefits.
  • Provide a safe, loving home
  • Provide food, water, love, affection, exercise, etc.
  • We provide for their veterinary care. We can even supply food if necessary.
  • You may choose to foster a pet with a medical issue. We provide the the vet services and medication. You would be responsible for making sure they take their medications, follow the vets instructions and usually transportation to and from the vet.

How long do I need to foster a pet?

That is usually determined at the time you agree to foster a pet. Some people like to foster long term and some just want to short term; a few days or so.

If you have any questions or want to foster, please fill out our brief foster contact form and our coordinator will contact you.

Click here for the foster contact form "Foster Form"

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